Top NGOs in India


NGOs, i.e. Non-Governmental Organisations, have become beacons of hope in India’s social change and community development. They are independent and non-profit entities that operate with an unwavering dedication to addressing societal issues and fostering positive transformations.

NGOs bridge gaps by empowering the underprivileged and running campaigns for causes ranging from disaster relief and environmental conservation to human rights advocacy. Simply put, NGOs aim for societal betterment and altruism.


All You Need To Know About NGOs

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are autonomous and non-profit organisations that operate independently of the government. They focus on societal issues and strive to bring about positive change.

They are financed through donations, grants and membership. NGOs serve as intermediaries between the government and the communities, promoting development and supporting the underprivileged. They are essential in formulating public policy, providing critical services and advancing social justice.

Here Are The Different Types Of NGOs

Here are the different types of NGOs

What Are The Roles Of An NGO?

Here are the roles and responsibilities of an NGO

Frequently Asked Questions

Child Rights and You (CRY), Smile Foundation, Care India, Goonj, GiveIndia, Pratham, The Banyan, Save the Children India, etc., are some of the top NGOs in India ranked by their impact and reach.

Yes, NGOs are private entities that the government does not control. It gets funds through private donations, government grants, and corporate sponsorships. However, NGOs are listed as a part of the “third sector”, next to the public and private sectors, as organisations not primarily motivated by profit or political power.

NGOs identify a problem or issue, develop a plan of action, raise funds, implement the plan and evaluate the results. NGOs also comply with the respective laws and regulations and ensure their work is accountable and transparent.

No, a single person cannot start an NGO, and a minimum of 2 individuals are required. But still, if you are passionate about a social cause and want to make a difference, you can still start a movement or an initiative. A team of volunteers or collaborators can advance the step of achieving your goal. Most of the best NGOs in India were started with one individual’s vision.

The top NGOs in India play a crucial role in society in addressing many pressing problems. Some advantages of NGOs include flexibility and agility, innovation, sustainability, accountability, transparency, etc.

The best NGOs in India provide services and support, like food, shelter, healthcare and education to the underprivileged. They empower marginalised communities by providing skill development programmes, advocating for their rights, and creating opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

To donate to the top NGOs in India, research the NGOs and their campaigns. Choose the one you want to donate and select the payment method. Verify the authenticity by speaking with the NGO members before donating.

The best NGOs in India make a significant difference by addressing critical societal issues, providing essential services, advocating for policy changes, conducting research to identify solutions and empowering communities by spreading awareness. They enhance the well-being of individuals, promote social justice and foster sustainable change.

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