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Help our kids Learn. Grow. Excel. Thrive

Campaign ID: #CW130 / Education

Help our kids Learn. Grow. Excel. Thrive

₹ 7,120 raised

By Crowdwave

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No Shame. Period.

Campaign ID: #CW176 / Community

No Shame. Period.

₹ 10 raised

By Crowdwave

74 days left

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Project Beach Horse

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About Crowdwave Trust

If you’re looking for the best crowdfunding sites in India, you’ve landed on the right page. CrowdWave is one of the fundraising platforms in India that allows you to lend a helping hand to those who need it the most. We are home for anyone who needs financial assistance and looking for crowdfunding platforms in India.

read more close We at CrowdWave have a solid drive to help people. We work tirelessly towards overcoming social problems, and we do so in a simple, transparent and effective way. Our online fundraising platforms in India allow people to narrate their stories and give them an opportunity to be heard and helped.

Our definition and approach to crowdfunding are unique and different from other crowdfunding platforms in India. We define crowdfunding as a campaign that is directed to those who love and support your cause and are willing to truly make a wave of change, enabling more and more donations by the minute.

Among all the fundraising websites in India, we are one of the crowdfunding sites in India that have helped the most number of people. We do so by uniting those who are willing to donate and those who are in need. Our events and campaigns are dedicated to driving the maximum funds, making us one of the best crowdfunding sites in India.

Another factor contributing to our title of the best fundraising sites in India is our pickup and delivery service. Through this, you can also donate in kind. We also support companies who wish to contribute to a cause through their CSR campaigns.

So, if you have been searching for fundraising websites in India, we hope your search stops here. We see that you believe in a cause and wish to make a difference as much as we do, and that’s why you’re our perfect donor, and we’re your perfect online fundraising platforms in India. Let’s together, help another!

Why Crowdwave

We believe the world is full of people ready to take action. We built Crowdwave for them. To make it incredibly simple to fundraise. To make it easy for them to find a community of people who wanted to support them. And to give the rest of us a more transparent and effective way of making the world we want to see.

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Support our Caregivers for the Mentally & Physically Challenged

Support our Caregivers for the Mentally & Physically Challenged

Digettarti - Empowering Young Adults With Autism Using Technology

Digettarti - Empowering Young Adults With Autism Using Technology

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Our Founder

Note from our Founder

Meet Ritika Rai Reddy.

Bringing our community together to spread awareness and help support those in need has always been one of my main goals.

While working with numerous NGOs and charities, I found that though people were generous, they were wary of making donations to these organisations - especially when this happened online - due to a lack of trust and understanding of how these systems work. After all - they only wanted to make sure that their contributions reached those who needed them. And so, this was my inspiration to found Crowdwave - a not-for - profit crowdfunding platform to help make donating to charitable causes transparent and seamless.

Though Crowdwave is still very young, we have already started to make a huge difference - our impact to date has raised over INR 1 crore for NGOs and charities across the country!

And for that, I must sincerely thank you - our donors - for your generosity and support and our partner NGOs and charities who trust us to help them meet their goals.

I'm sure that with your continuing support - we will be able to bring many more positive changes to millions of lives around us.


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