Top NGOs in Ghazipur

Non-Governmental Organizations in Ghazipur

Although the name Ghazipur does not appear in ancient Indian history, some historians believe that Raja Ghadhi, the father of Maharshi Jamadagni, was born here. During that time, the area was densely forested, and numerous Ashrams, such as Yamdagni (father of Parasuram) Ashram, Parshuram Ashram, Madan Van, and others, were located there. The Maharshi Gautam Ashram is located about 16 kilometres from Ghazipur town. Around the village of Gauspur to the east. Sarnath, where Lord Buddha attained Bodhisattva or enlightenment in the 6th century B.C. As a result, it became a focal point for Budha’s preachings during his lifetime. During the Buddhist time, this town was a major centre and from then till then, the city has also earned a name as a city that helps those who seek. This is one of the major reasons for it being a hub for many NGOs.

Top Non Profit Organizations in Ghazipur

1.Shiv Shiva Sneh Sanstha

shiv shiva sneh sanstha

Shiv Shiva Sneh Sanstha is a non-governmental based in India that aims to improve the lives of vulnerable communities. Founded in 2002, the has been working towards the empowerment of women, children, and the elderly, as well as the promotion of education and healthcare.

The primary focus is on promoting education and providing opportunities for underprivileged children. Shiv Shiva Sneh Sanstha runs several educational programs, including a school for children from economically weaker backgrounds. The school provides free education, books, and uniforms to students who would not otherwise have access to these resources. Additionally, the provides coaching and training for students who are preparing for higher education and competitive exams.

Shiv Shiva Sneh Sanstha also runs several programs focused on women’s empowerment. They provide vocational training to women in rural areas, helping them develop skills that can lead to sustainable livelihoods. Additionally, the works to raise awareness about women’s rights and gender equality in the communities they serve.

2.Shahi Sewa Samiti

crowdwave trust

Shahi Sewa Samiti is a non-profit that has been working for the welfare and betterment of the underprivileged communities in India. The was established with a mission to provide education, healthcare, and basic amenities to the marginalised and vulnerable sections of society. The is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to achieve their goal of a better and equitable society.

The Shahi Sewa Samiti operates several programs and initiatives that are aimed at improving the lives of the people they serve. Some of their key programs include providing education to children from economically weaker sections, healthcare facilities for the elderly, and vocational training for women. They also work towards providing basic amenities like clean water, sanitation, and electricity to the communities they work with.

The strongly believes that education is the key to transforming lives and breaking the cycle of poverty. As a result, they run several educational programs for children who are unable to access quality education due to financial constraints. The Shahi Sewa Samiti has set up several schools and learning centers in remote and marginalised areas to ensure that children have access to quality education.

3. Adarsh Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan

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Adarsh Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan is a non-governmental (NGO) that works for the development of rural areas in India. The was established with the aim of providing assistance and support to the underprivileged communities living in rural areas. They work towards the overall development of the rural population by providing them with various training programs, access to education, and creating employment opportunities.

One of the key objectives of Adarsh Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan is to promote self-sustaining and eco-friendly livelihood opportunities in rural areas. They focus on providing training and skill development programs to the rural population, which helps them to earn their livelihood through various income-generating activities such as agriculture, handicrafts, and other small-scale industries.

The also aims to promote sustainable agriculture practices by providing farmers with access to modern techniques, tools, and equipment. They also work towards the conservation of natural resources and promoting eco-friendly farming practices.

Another area of focus for Adarsh Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan is the promotion of education in rural areas. They believe that education is the key to upliftment and development of any community. The provides education to children from underprivileged communities, especially girls who are often denied education due to social norms and customs.

Adarsh Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan also works towards improving the overall health and well-being of the rural population. They provide medical aid and support to the people living in rural areas, who often lack access to basic healthcare facilities.

4. Jan Gramin Vikash Sansthan

jan gramin vikash sansthan

Jan Gramin Vikash Sansthan is a non-governmental that has been working towards the upliftment and betterment of the rural areas of India since its inception in 2001. The is based in the state of Uttar Pradesh and has been actively involved in promoting sustainable development, gender equality, education, and health among other areas.

One of the primary objectives of Jan Gramin Vikash Sansthan is to empower women and children in rural areas by providing them with education and skill development opportunities. The has set up several schools and vocational training centers to provide education and training to young children and women, which can help them become financially independent and contribute to their families and communities.

Apart from education, Jan Gramin Vikash Sansthan has also been working towards improving the healthcare facilities in rural areas. The has set up several healthcare centers and has been conducting health camps to provide basic healthcare services to the people living in remote areas. The also conducts awareness programs and campaigns on various health issues to educate people about the importance of good health practices.

Jan Gramin Vikash Sansthan also works towards the development of agriculture in rural areas. The provides farmers with training and resources to help them adopt sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. This not only helps in improving the quality of crops but also ensures the sustainability of agriculture in the region.

5. Satnam Khadi Gramodyog Sewa Samiti

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Satnam Khadi Gramodyog Sewa Samiti is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to promoting the use of khadi and village industries in India. It was established in 2001 and is based in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. The ‘s mission is to support rural communities by creating employment opportunities and promoting sustainable development by reviving traditional industries.

The NGO has been actively involved in the production and promotion of khadi clothing, which is a hand-spun and hand-woven fabric made from natural fibres such as cotton, silk, and wool. Khadi is an important aspect of India’s cultural heritage and has been associated with the Indian independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi.

Satnam Khadi Gramodyog Sewa Samiti works with rural artisans and weavers to provide them with training, support, and resources to produce high-quality khadi clothing and other products. They also work towards creating marketing and sales opportunities for these artisans by organising exhibitions and trade fairs in various parts of the country.

Apart from promoting khadi, they are also involved in other rural development activities such as skill development programs, health and sanitation initiatives, and environmental conservation efforts. The organisation has been successful in creating a positive impact on the lives of the rural communities it serves.

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