Top NGOs in Coimbatore

Non-Governmental Organisations in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, the city that is fondly called the Manchester of the South is known for its people who are simple in their external appearance. Though the people of the city are simple in their external appearance, they are very generous when it comes to stretching their arms to help the downtrodden.

Another vital aspect about the people of this city is that they treat charity as a private trait and don’t believe in advertising what they are doing for society. The city that houses many such individuals is also home to a number of NGOs who have over the years have done various great contributions to society. While the list may be endless, we have managed to pick a few NGOs who have been performing with great potential.

Top Non Profit Organizations in Coimbatore

1. Coodu Organisation Society

Coodu Organisation Society Logo

The Coodu organisation Society is a non-profit organisation aiming to enhance society. To build an inclusive and sustainable society, they work to empower women, children, and rural communities.

Giving aid and support to those in need is the primary goal of the Coodu organisation Society. They try to improve opportunities for underprivileged populations in health, education, and employment. The organisation also emphasises empowering women, preserving the environment, and encouraging sustainable agriculture.

The Coodu organisation Society has implemented several initiatives and activities to accomplish its objectives. They plan skill-building and training initiatives for young people and women, assisting them in achieving self-sufficiency and financial independence. As part of its efforts to improve the health and hygiene of poor populations, the organisation regularly conducts health fairs and awareness campaigns.

2. Arulagam Society

Arulagam Society logo

A non-profit organisation in Tamil Nadu, India, called Arulagam Society, focuses on the welfare and development of poor communities. The charity, founded in 1997, focuses on enhancing the quality of life for underprivileged populations through various initiatives and programmes.

The Arulagam Society places a lot of emphasis on education. The organisation seeks to ensure that kids from underprivileged families access high-quality education because it thinks education is the foundation of a better future. The Arulagam Society offers a variety of educational programmes, such as after-school tutoring and career training, to assist kids and teenagers in developing the skills they need to succeed in life.

3. S W A P Trust


A non-profit organisation called S W A P Trust seeks to improve society. Founded to enhance the lives of vulnerable and marginalised groups. The trust’s main priorities include advancing women’s and children’s rights, healthcare, and education.

To achieve its goals, S W A P Trust has put many projects into action. They aim to provide kids who don’t have access to primary education with a high-quality education. Also, the charity offers medical services to residents of isolated locations without many medical facilities. They regularly hold health fairs and awareness campaigns to enhance the community’s health and well-being.

4. Imayam Social Welfare Association


Imayam Social Welfare Association is a non-profit group that aims to improve society, especially in community development, healthcare, and education. Its head office is in Tamil Nadu, and for many years, it has taken a leading role in numerous social welfare activities. Imayam aspires to address the issues that underprivileged communities confront to have a lasting impact on society. The group strives to increase poor populations’ access to healthcare, education, and other necessities. Additionally, it emphasises empowering women and raising public awareness of many social issues.

Imayam has successfully made a positive difference in the lives of many people and communities through its numerous activities. The group runs several initiatives and events, such as awareness campaigns, health fairs, job training, and educational scholarships.

5. Ramasamy Chinnammal Trust


In Tamil Nadu, India, a non-profit organisation called the Ramasamy Chinnammal Trust was established to help the weaker and more marginalised communities by giving them aid and assistance. The trust was established honouring Ramasamy Chinnammal, a philanthropist and ardent supporter of social issues.

The principal goal of the trust is to offer resources for healthcare and education to those less fortunate. The charity also emphasises supporting sustainable livelihoods, empowering women, and providing aid to disaster-stricken areas.

The Ramasamy Chinnammal Trust works as an advocate to spread knowledge about social concerns like healthcare, child labour, and gender equality. The trust’s staff of committed professionals and volunteers put in endless effort to help those in need. The organisation believes in positively impacting society through sustainable and long-term solutions. 

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