Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

For this special day - Crowdwave is going to host a Christmas lunch for the children at Sri Arunodayam. To make this time of year extra special for the children, we will have a great spread of food, laughter and even special performances by On The Streets of Chennai, a motley, vibrant community of musicians, seeking to give back by spreading smiles and positivity through music.

We will be posting updates on and during the event on our Instagram page and you too can see where your donations will be

Sri Arunodayam is a home for mentally challenged children abandoned by their parents. Registered as a charitable trust 15 years back, their mission focuses on care, protection, and rehabilitation of children with mental disabilities.
It was founded to fill the gap of awareness and medical facilities for the marginalized sections of humanity. The organization has built its foundation on humanitarian values that uphold the dignity and right of this much-neglected section of the society and have set out with a vision to ensure that the mentally challenged children remain safe and enjoy equal opportunities. With a staff of over 50, the organization has worked relentlessly towards providing care and protection to the mentally challenged abandoned children and has promoted the rights of such children along with encouraging the society to integrate them. The organization has provided food, medical care, clothing, physiotherapy, special education and speech therapy to 106 children and restored 77 abandoned Mentally Challenged Children with their parents.

In the meanwhile, you too can help ensure that these children are able to have a healthy meal everyday by supporting our Campaign CW37 that is raising funds to obtain essential provisions for the mentally disabled children at Sri Arunodayam.


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