People for Animals, Bangalore

We are an Urban wildlife Hospital, working 24*7 for the Rescue, Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Release of the Wildlife living with us in our city. For the last 23 years, we have been working solely to protect Habitats of wildlife and we have been successful in saving a lot of endangered species. We are an NGO and that solely depends on donations made by individuals and organizations who believe in our work and we are not funded by any private or governmental body.

On any given day, we have over 200 animals in care and we rescue a minimum of 10 wild animals every day.

We provide the rescued wildlife with food, medical facilities, habitats that mimic their natural environment among others. Many animals that are rescued by us are in critical condition and in need of treatment and long-term clinical care. We even have animals that are in our LTC (Life time care) habitat, as their injury has led them to be disabled an unfit to survive in the wild. There is a big cost attached to cater to the requirement of these animals.

Visit: www.peopleforanimalsbangalore.org

City: Bangalore

State: Karnataka

Country: India


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