Sumunum Foundation

Sumunum Foundation

Sumunum (pronounced ‘samanam’ meaning encounter, welcoming, congruence, whole and equal in Sanskrit) Foundation, founded in July 2019, is a not-for-profit, focused on enhancing quality of life, and promoting wellbeing, through arts based interventions and practices.

We believe in art’s unique ability to build perspectives (within self, and others), bring communities together, and promote compassion, empathy, connection, and resilience. Sumunum’s programme domains include:

Wellbeing: Individual and group therapy facilitated by mental health professionals trained in strengths based, dialogic approaches that enable individuals to better manage the stressors of everyday life. We offer tailor-made interventions to serve clinical &/or vulnerable populations across settings (inpatient / outpatient).

Social development: Participatory theatre programmes aimed at stimulating public awareness, dialogue and engagement. Our programmes focus on fostering community cohesion and supplementing health & development activities.

Education: Offering arts based customised experiential learning modules focused on enhancing social-emotional skills in children. In addition, we conduct additional teacher training and skill building programmes.

Public engagement: Increasing access to and consumption of art in everyday life by curating performances/ lectures/ demonstrations/ installations / discussions /workshops in intimate &/or open and public venues.

Sumunum Foundation was founded in 2019 by Yog Japee and Kamala Easwaran.


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