RK’s Mother Teresa Foundation

RKS mother Teresa foundation it's a non Profitable organization. Since 2009 till date more than 3000 plus chronic patients we treat are poor and needy helpless people. The idea of starting this organization came to my mind when my mother late Ramulamma who is suffering with the Brain tumor could not get proper medical assistance at the right time and unfortunately she expired.

This said incident made me to take an oath to, provide proper medical treatment to the poor and needy rural and urban people, who suffer from chronic health problems. I qualified myself as a physiotherapist and I am assisted by a team of like-minded doctors.

Mission :

The goal and aim fo our organization is to see that all senior citizen: Enjoy a very good healthy life and are provided with necessary medicines for their illness. They are given healthy food to eat and live in a hygienic atmosphere. They are taken due care for their health problems by the concerned doctors always.


We visualise a bright future for helpless senior citizens who have no one to look after them. They too have right to live happily as long as god has given them life to live. They deserve their beautiful world to live happily and enjoy wonderful world’s natural beauty.


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