Yein Udaan

Yein Udaan

The name “Yein Udaan” is an amalgamation of two languages – Tamil (‘Yein’ meaning ‘My’) and Hindi (‘Udaan’ meaning ‘Takeoff’), thus loosely translating to “My Takeoff” in English. It caters to the cultural context of our impact groups in the South and the Founder’s cultural roots from the North.

At Yein Udaan, we aim to work on the holistic development of underprivileged children as we believe that building a skill-set, independent of academic features will help children grow into confident and self-aware individuals. We also work closely with parents of our enrolled students as we believe our impact will be sustainable only if parents are involved in their child’s learning and progress.

Our approach is three-fold. First, we enrol only those students whose parents are willing to commit to our minimum monthly time requirement for engagement at our centres. Once we have enrolled our impact families, we run four programs for the children – academic and English language, value education, life and soft skills, and extra-curricular, while simultaneously conducting sessions to build parents’ engagement skills in their child’s education. Finally, in order to successfully implement our programs, we form partnerships with experts in their fields, to ensure our impact families have access to high quality learnings.

Registered Office:
8B Wellingdon Estate, 53 Commander In Chief Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600008
Trust Reg. No.: 163 / 2017 / BK4


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