The Spastics Society of TamilNadu (SPASTN)

The Spastics Society of TamilNadu (SPASTN) is a Not for Profit Community Based Organization that serves children, youth, and adults with Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disability and Autism across Chennai and Tiruvallur District.

We provide for a range of services such as Special Education, individualized therapy services namely Physiotherapy, Speech, Sensory Integration, Occupational therapies that enables them to be “Ready to Learn”. The educational opportunities include multiple learning pathways that optimizes and draws on their inherent potential to Learn, Play and Function in the Society.

• UNESCAP award winner given for the first time to an NGO for Human Resource Development in Disabilty in South East Region

• SPASTN is an organization that has been recognized by Credibility Alliance for meeting the highest standards of Governance, Accountability and Transparency

• SPASTN has been recognized by Guidestar and awarded Transparency Key


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