How it works

Our definition of Crowdfunding

The dictionary says:

“Crowdfunding is the process of funding a project online by collecting small amounts of money from a large volume of people“

But it makes one believe that there is a ‘crowd’ of donors ready to pump funds the minute you make your fundraiser live. Hence, we came up with a better definition- how you get to the ‘crowd’ in crowdfunding:

It is a campaign marketed for reaching out to those who love your cause and support your work themselves- spreading it among their family and friends, and their friends, who then make a part of the crowd that creates a wave of change

The Process

For NGOs

For NGOs

  1. Click on Start your Fundraiser.
  2. Name it. Set the goal and duration of your fundraiser.
  3. Add engaging pictures and videos.
  4. Spread it in your network using our integrated social media and email.
  5. Let the support pour in!
For Donors

For Donors

  1. Click on Browse Fundraisers.
  2. Pick the cause you want to support.
  3. Make a contribution on our 100% secure payment gateway.
  4. Make a wave of change.

Why trust us

We are a 100, 0 and 1 all at once!

Secure payment

Secure payment

Hidden Costs

Hidden Costs

Holistic Platform

Holistic Platform


Do I have to become a member to donate?
No, you do not have to be a member to make a donation.
Can I donate if I am not from India?
Unfortunately you cannot. We are currently working on getting our license to accept foreign donations. We will update you as soon as that happens.
Can I send a cheque?

Yes you can.

You can make the cheque out to: Crowd Wave Trust.

Mail it to us: Crowd Wave Trust. 6/13 North Avenue. KP Puram. Chennai 600028.

Please specify which project you would like this money to go towards by sending us an email or calling us.

How can I check the status of a cheque?
Please email us ([email protected]) when you send us the cheque – we will update you as soon as it is received.
Is my donation eligible for 80G exemption?
Yes, it is. All donations made since April 1, 2020 are eligible.
Can I change my user name?
You can email us at ([email protected]) if you would like to do that.
I forgot my password - what do I do?
You can click on the "Forgot Password" link - or send us an email ([email protected]) to have it reset. What is the minimum contribution amount? There is no minimum contribution amount.
What is the minimum contribution amount?
There is no minimum contribution.
Do I get charged on my donation?
No you do not get charged on your donation.
Does the campaigner get charged?
NO, the campaigner doesn't get charged at all. All the money raised goes to the campaigner for his cause. (Other than the payment gateway charges that get deducted automatically)
Is your site secure?
In order to preserve your confidentiality, the login passwords are encrypted before being stored. We do not receive nor store your credit card or banking information. You enter this information directly on the banking website while making the transaction. The information that we capture is minimal. We use the most basic data that we are required to obtain by law For user registration or logins, we provide you the option of Thawte SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with 128 bit encryption for the highest security We have a 3D secure filter that's active for national cards.
I got an error message while donating – what do I do?
You can log on to your dashboard to check if we received your payment. You can contact us if you have any questions.
What if the entire funding goal is not reached?

We have two categories of projects:

Category 1: Projects that have to reach their funding goal. If they only manage to receive partial funding, the donation amounts will be returned to the donors.

Category 2: Projects that do not have to reach their funding goal. The project will accept whatever funds have been received. We will discuss both options with our campaigners and help them come up with the correct strategy for their project.

Information on cancelling a donation?
You can give us a call and we will try to have it done immediately.
Do you have a mobile app?
We are working on one currently. We should have it up and running very soon.

To the fundraisers that need your support right now

Donate General

If you have any items that you would like to donate, please send us a list and we will find an NGO that will benefit from it.

Thank you for your donation

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This is a standard alert.

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