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The Natural Way of Maintaining Your Skin and Hair
- By Bindiya Joseph

The Natural Way of Maintaining Your Skin and Hair - By Bindiya Joseph
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In this workshop, you will learn about:

• The physiology of your skin and hair and how cosmetics help or harm them,

• Your body type and how that affects the way you need to care for yourself,

• How to make simple changes to your diet and exercise routine to maintain your skin and hair health,

• How to make and multiple recipes for oils, scrubs, masks, etc at home using kitchen or other easily procured ingredients and the best ways to make them according to your body type,

• The ingredients that are worth adding into your personal use and how to procure and use them.

The Covid has brought home the importance of taking care of one’s health inside out. What you see on your skin and hair is but a reflection and combination of your genetics and what you’ve put into your body and how you treat it. Join this workshop to understand your own particular body, skin and hair type better and learn how to maintain and optimise their health, using organic home grown ingredients.

The recorded session and notes with recipes will be sent to all participants who wish to attend and donate, but can’t make it at the timing.

All the proceeds of the event will benefit - All the children ISO 9001:2015 certified trust.

About the Instructor

Bindiya Joseph

Bindiya Joseph

Co-founder of Anise skincare

Bindiya Joseph is the co-founder of Anise skincare, a premium and natural bath and body skincare line for children. Their products use a lot of Ayurvedic herbs formulated through a mix of Ayurvedic and modern cosmetic practices. Her interest in skincare and Ayurveda's role in it, stemmed from personal reasons. Her children have atopic dermatitis and as she delved into learning and imbibing alternative healing practises in her daily life to cure her kids. In the process, she realised the value of age old, golden but forgotten, practises and ingredients that could build up and heal a person inside out so that both body and skin are a picture of health.


Maintain your skin & hair health by knowing your body type & using organic ingredients

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Date: 05.08.2020

Time: 8 PM

The Natural Way of Maintaining Your Skin and Hair - By Bindiya Joseph

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