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The Kindness Hour
- With DJ Sean Antony

The Kindness Hour - With DJ Sean Antony
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The Kindness Hour is here to help you unwind, relax and treat yourself to memorable experiences with performing artists across various fields.

These 1-hour events will not only help you unwind with some outstanding entertainment, but also highlight the power and lasting impact of music, comedy, theatre, poetry etc., on our lives.

Performing arts build habits that are essential to well-being. They engage the body, mind and soul in a way that fosters compassion & empathy.

The Kindness Foundation is a movement that targets the personal growth of adults and children from all walks of life, and brings about social change by addressing kindness and empathy. Our programs, workshops & events are governed by our core philosophies Inspire, Infuse & Impact. We aim to equip individuals with everything they need to not just live, but to also create a culture of kindness and thereby thrive as a species.

Through our programs, workshops, events and extensive Covid relief work, we are reaching out to serve & impact the most vulnerable and most under-served communities (including children, senior citizens, differently-abled individuals, destitute women, transgender community, victims of domestic violence and many more).

During The Kindness Hour, guests will be given the option to visit our Campaign page, and donate to The Kindness Foundation to fuel our work!

By getting involved and participating in our events, your support will go a long way in helping us trigger an unstoppable wave of kindness on a personal, societal & global level.

Link for The Kindness Hour on Sunday, July 5, 9 pm – 10 pm https://www.mixcloud.com/live/sean-antony/

About the Artist

Sean Antony

Sean Antony


Sean Antony is a certified DJ and a self-trained producer. He started his career in 2008, at the age of 16. He is known for his versatility of performing various genres of music. His focus has always been on mixing, scratching, creating and recreating music for those who loved it the most. Time and hard work gave way to the use of better technology, which allowed him not only to perform but even to produce music. Sean is the in-house resident DJ for one of Chennai’s best night spots – Radio Room.


Unwind, relax and treat yourself to good music

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Date: 05.07.2020

Time: 9 PM

The Kindness Hour - With DJ Sean Antony

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