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Slice of Hope
- Make your celebrations memorable

Slice of Hope - Make your celebrations memorable
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Armaan Ebrahim, Pradyumna Prakash, Anamika Chesetty and Vaibhavi Prakash came up with a novel idea - a new way to celebrate their birthdays this month.

What started as an idea to “share some birthday cake” and get their friends and family to help raise funds to help support the less-fortunate sections of our society cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, they started A Slice of Hope.

They aim to get the message out there and help people find ways to help mitigate the devastation caused by COVID-19.

The proceeds from this event will go towards the COVID-19 Emergency Relief campaign running on Crowdwave.

The funds raised will help:

1. Supply food rations to families with zero or low income
2. Support health and mental wellbeing
3. Support families of Covid positive patients
4. Provide approximately 800 hot meals every day for families and frontline workers outside 2 government hospitals and the Stanley hospital in Chennai.
5. Distribute emergency medicine kits for covid positive patients who cannot afford care.
These medical kits will include:

A thermometer
Paracetamol or Dolo -650 mg - 15 units
Betadine mouthwash
Vitamin C 500 mg for 14 Days
Zinc 150 mg for 14 Days
Vitamin C & zinc combination tablets
Vitamin D3 60 K
Hand sanitiser
3 layered masks - 15 units
Gloves - 5 units

We will conduct these distributions outside government hospitals/ clinics/ Red cross Quarantine centres to those unable to get admission.

All donations made to this campaign are eligible for tax exemption under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act.

The People Behind It

Armaan Ebrahim

Armaan Ebrahim

Race Car Driver / Racing Instructor / Motor enthusiast

Professional Race Car Driver having competed in Formula 2, A1 GP and so on while currently working closely with Lamborghini. Off the track shares a passion for all things motoring, having co-founded the world’s first franchise based motorsports league. Operates a professional racing team around Asia and acts as a driver coach to a number of supercar owners in the country.

Pradyumna Prakash

Pradyumna Prakash

Professional Golfer

Pradyumna Prakash is a professional golfer and is a NGAI certified Coach- Golf Club Fitter. He has played for India in various tournaments as a junior.

Anamika Chesetty

Anamika Chesetty


Anamika Chesetty is a teacher and a special educator.

Vaibhavi Prakash

Vaibhavi Prakash


New mom, Co-Founder of Twice Treasured and Account Manager at Falcon.io


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Slice of Hope - Make your celebrations memorable

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