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Celebrate your strength
- By Armaan Ebrahim and Arjun Motha

Celebrate your strength - By Armaan Ebrahim and Arjun Motha
  • About the Instructors


Shake off the lockdown laziness in this 1 hour fitness fundraiser.

Hosted by the fitness experts, Armaan Ebrahim and Arjun Motha this session is a complete fun fest for anyone looking to get their adrenaline pumping again.
The proceeds from the event will go to Shine Trust, An NGO working on giving relief to slum areas in Chennai city.

So, sweat it out to make a difference from the comfort of your homes.

Equipment Recommended: Mat, Towel, Water
Intensity: All levels

About the Instructors

Armaan Ebrahim

Armaan Ebrahim

Race Car Driver / Racing Instructor / Motor enthusiast

Professional Race Car Driver having competed in Formula 2, A1 GP and so on while currently working closely with Lamborghini. Off the track shares a passion for all things motoring, having co-founded the world’s first franchise based motorsports league. Operates a professional racing team around Asia and acts as a driver coach to a number of supercar owners in the country.

Arjun Motha

Arjun Motha

Environmentalist / Kitesurfing instructor / WCO LV2 Fitness -Coach Calisthenics

Arjuns training method consists of primarily movements utilising one’s bodyweight. Without the use of cumbersome equipment, calisthenics uses techniques such as pushing, pulling, bending, jumping, swinging and using one’s body weight to get maximum resistance to increase strength, fitness and flexibility.


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Date: 04.06.2020 - 01.06.2020

Time: 6 PM

Celebrate your strength - By Armaan Ebrahim and Arjun Motha

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