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- Laugh Out (on) Lockdown

LOL! - Laugh Out (on) Lockdown - By Arnav Rao, Arvind Vyaas & Sudarshan Ramamurthy
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Remember when we used to get into our Olas & Ubers to head out on a Friday night to watch a standup show live and laugh the stress of the week away? Yeah, we do too. And we don’t know about you, but we definitely miss it! But, since none of us can go outside, we thought we’ll bring the outside inside.

Presenting the Laughter Under Lockdown - a special stand-up comedy show that also gives back to the community. Join us for an hour-long laughter riot that promises to entertain the whole family.

Imagine, you get to laugh & earn some good karma. If that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is!

A few things to keep in mind:
1. Once you purchase a ticket/make a donation, sit back & relax. You'll receive an email confirmation by the end of business day
2. You'll receive an email with the Zoom link for the show a few hours before the event
3. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to 9677158305

About the Fundraiser

What’s the first thing you think about when you think of #NammaChennai? It’s the beach, the bhajji kadai, it’s roadside tea kadai, or the vegetable vendor selling vegetables on a cart, screaming “Keeeeeerai”.

These people keep us going and we depend on them for many things in our day. Similarly, they depend on this daily income to make ends meet. Now, with the extended lockdown and no daily income, they’re struggling to eat even 2 square meals a day.

#UnitedForStreetVendors is an initiative by United Way Chennai to provide a month’s pay (i.e Rs. 6000 on average) to street vendors & their families so that they can tide through these difficult times. This money goes towards helping them restart their business, pay for rent, groceries, or medical expenses.

For the cost of ordering a meal online, you can help save a street vendor & their family from these distressing situations.

Visit www.unitedwaychennai.org

About the Artists

Arnav Rao

Arnav Rao

Stand up Comedian

Arnav Rao was a practicing lawyer and now he is a practicing comedian. He now uses his skills of research, analysis, writing, and public speaking to tell jokes … because he cares about people !!! He likes long walks on the beach, gluten-free food & lots of beer; or just one of those three things.

Arvind Vyaas

Arvind Vyaas

Stand up Comedian

A VFX artist by day and a stand-up comedian & theatre artist by night, Arvind Vyaas is that extra bit of drama in 2020 that you'll surely enjoy. Been actively doing stand up comedy for around 9 months now, he has done shows for Evam Standup Tamasha and The Spotted Hyena. He is now hosting his own talk show with fellow comedians and artists called "Kadaisi Naal" along with Guru Narayanan for Komedy Countdown Chennai.

Sudarshan Ramamurthy

Sudarshan Ramamurthy

Stand up Comedian

Sudarsan "Soda" Ramamurthy is the winner of the Sterling Reserve Comedy Project by Comedy Central. In his six year long career as a stand-up comedian, he has been featured on Sun TV, Jaya TV, and Comedy Central India. Fluent in Hindi, English, and Tamil, Soda is known for his puns and personal storytelling and has toured across India and Malaysia. He is currently working on his second one-hour comedy special Love In The Time of Corona.


A 1-hour laughter riot that helps street vendors get back on their feet.
Entry Fee: Rs. 299 or More

Donation Closed

Date: 17.07.2020

Time: 7 PM

LOL! - Laugh Out (on) Lockdown - By Arnav Rao, Arvind Vyaas & Sudarshan Ramamurthy

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