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#Actionforall - By Crowdwave

The action of giving is a rewarding experience by itself - but we wanted to make it extra special for all of you.


*Donate a minimum of Rs.1000 to receive the t-shirt. Donations are eligible for tax benefit under section 80 G.

Date: 12.02.2021 - 12.05.2021

#Actionforall - By Crowdwave
  • The Organisations We Work With


You can make positive changes within our community by taking the right #ActionForAll. Crowdwave works closely with a multitude of organisations that work with underprivileged members of our community to bring them towards a better future.

And since you are donating towards these causes, we would like to do something for you as well.

1. With each donation of INR 1000, you will receive a ‘Together For Good Crowdwave’ t-shirt in the mail! For larger donation amounts, a t-shirt will be added for every INR 1000 i.e., INR 2500 = 2 t-shirts

2.. Once you receive a confirmation email thanking you for your donation , please reply to it with your shipping address if it is different from the one you mentioned while making your donation and also mention the size you require ( S, M, L, XL) .

3.. Event ends on December 15, and all t-shirts will be couriered to you within 1 week of the event ending .

The Organisations We Work With

Rehoboth was founded in 1998 as a Public Charitable Trust with a desire to rescue, rehabilitate and mainstream ‘women in distress’ and help them live life to its fullness with a sense of belonging. Rehoboth shelters only destitute women and most of our residents are picked up from the streets through the public or NGO’s working in other fields besides police

All the Children:
All the Children is a non-profit organization is in the field of service since 2015. Uplifting people and society, minimum 10,000+ lives per year with various campaign and event on Education, Empowerment, Health, and Food & Shelter. We spread our mission and vision through various projects, campaigns, and events with the help of donors and volunteers who supporting all over the years. Let’s celebrate living by spreading joy and happiness.

Turning Point Educational Trust:
Turning Point Educational Trust is a registered charitable organization that promotes the cause of education amongst underprivileged children. The people behind the organization have envisaged children to be the building blocks of the future and therefore have developed programs ranging from education, livelihood, and women empowerment.

So make your donation today to make a difference tomorrow!


To the fundraisers that need your support right now

Donate General

If you have any items that you would like to donate, please send us a list and we will find an NGO that will benefit from it.

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