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Fun with Science
- Atharv and Amara

Fun with Science


Call of Duty Lil Superheroes & Sheroes!
Great things start Small!
Lil Kids are never too Small to make a Big Difference!

Frontline Covid-19 Superheroes & Sheroes like our Doctors, Nurses, All Staffs of the Health Sector Across India, Corporation Staffs, Volunteers, NGOs, etc. are tirelessly fighting and protecting us against this Pandemic. Its YOUR turn to don the cape!

9-year-old Atharv Jain & his 5-year-old sister Amara Jain from the Science YouTube Channel “Fun with Atharv & Amara” are hailing all you Lil Boys & Lil Girls to join them in their earnest quest to raise funds for the families effected by Covid-19.

Through their YouTube Channel “Fun with Atharv & Amara” these lil Scientists Demystify Complex Science Laws & Principles, making Science Super Fun, Easy, Practical & Logical.

3 Mind Boggling Science Experiments with Simple Household Ingredients will be performed live by Atharv & Amara along with you all via ZOOM.

BONUS - few Magical Science Tricks will also be shown by them which will surely leave you all flabbergasted!

List of Ingredients will be sent a week prior so you can be ready to follow and perform the experiments live at home with them.

100% of proceeds are directed towards COVID relief.

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Date: May 23, 2021


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