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COVID 19 Relief by The Kindness Foundation

COVID 19 Relief by The Kindness Foundation


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The Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goals are as limitless as our collective imagination. It was created with a vision to expand the perception of kindness and create compassionate communities worldwide. The Foundation runs several outreach and impact-making programs, workshops & events to propagate kindness, compassion, and giving.

During the COVID lockdown last year, The Kindness Foundation in collaboration with the Chennai Task Force, Great Chennai Corporation (GCC), and multiple other agencies & community organizations, distributed relief worth approx. INR 40 Lakhs, with 11,32,400 meals and meal-equivalent provisions delivered during our time in operation. The effects of the second wave of the pandemic in India have been catastrophic. We are now working actively to:

• Save the lives of those battling for survival by procuring Oxygen concentrators, and other essential medical equipment.
• Help people stay out of hospitals by spreading awareness on vaccines and supporting patients with medicines & essential supplies.
• Provide food/provisions & frontline worker care
• Provide gratirude snack boxes to medical frontline personnel of all the Government hospitals
• Support PHCs in the neighboring districts by providing them with PPE kits and medicines
• Attend to other emergency requests
As we work to support those in need, we truly believe that with a collective effort, the impact can be even greater

If you would like to donate to our COVID-19 relief fund to fuel our efforts, you can also do so in any of the following ways:

1. Gpay/Paytm to 93445 02996.

2. Bank transfer. Details:
The Kindness Foundation
A/C No.: 2543000101410340
Punjab National Bank
Chennai – 600034
IFDC Code – PUNB0254300

The Kindness Foundation, Chennai is Approved under section 80(G)(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961


The Kindness Foundation

The Kindness Foundation is a movement that empowers personal growth by igniting compassion and empathy that lies dormant within all of us. We plant the seeds that inspire this innate nature, provide meaningful experiences and tools to help infuse kindness into daily life, and empower individuals to make choices resulting in a true & measurable impact.

Till date, through our various programs, events, workshops and relief efforts, the Kindness Foundation has impacted over 20,000 lives.

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