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Kite vs Kite

Kite vs Kite


Kite flying, a tradition as a part of Sankranthi and a hobby for some has resulted in the injuries of many birds. In 2019 we treated 102 manjha bird injuries, but in 2020 alone the number of rescues shot up to 177, which is nearly a 72% rise compared to the previous year.

Manjha use usually escalates in the run-up to and after Sankranti every January, but in 2020, we saw a substantial increase in the number of rescues especially after the nationwide lockdown fell into place.

The cheap availability of transparent nylon string, despite it being banned by the National Green Tribunal has precipitated matters. Manjha use comes with the threat of up to five years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh or both.

Many a time, the cases that we get are birds with wing fracture, which is very difficult to fix, as there is no technology to re-grow the broken bones. Intramedullary pins are used to fix the broken bones and the technique ‘imping’ is used to replace the damage feathers. Till date we have rescued and treated and released a total number black kites and we still get rescues call for at least 10 Manja cases in a single day.

​ Apart from these birds, there will be other smaller birds that are injured, but because of their size, they are incapable of drawing people’s attention. They mostly die of strangulation and starvation in the trees. These days, injured birds are being found even at a height of 50 feet, which poses a big challenge during rescue efforts.​

Black kites, the scavengers of the city, are excellent garbage cleaners as they feed on the carcasses of rats and other animals (which could be of potential harm to the residents if left unattended) found around the city. As a result, we intend to conduct a massive awareness drive all across the city about the importance of these birds.

We also aim to provide an utmost, uncompromised veterinary care and sophisticated treatment for these injured birds.

To sustain our project till the end of May 2021, we need:

1) 28000/- for fuel cost
2) 270,000/- for Treatment
3) 2000/- for Animal Feeding

Which amounts to a total of Rs, 300000/- for 3 months


PfA Wildlife

PfA is a Non-Governmental Organisation located in Bangalore, India. We are involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, displaced, and orphaned Urban Wildlife. As of date, we have rescued over 27416 animals of 203 species - birds, mammals, and reptiles, including several protected and endangered species. At the core of our work is critical and rehabilitative Veterinary care. The recovered animals are released back into their respective natural habitats and the releases are done in concert with the state Forest Department. Apart from Volunteer and Internship programs, we also actively conduct outreach awareness and workshops in the city with various Communities and Schools.

We average about 10 -12 rescues of wild animals every single day, with injuries such as electrocution, wing injuries, fractures, automobile collisions, etc hence they require 24 x 7 surveillance with proper care and treatment, which our veterinary team here at PfA attends to at any time of the day. We not only rescue and provide treatment to the animals but also rehabilitate them, which needs a lot of prior planning, structuration and sustenance like habitat and nutritional enrichment to ensure their wildlife instincts are intact. Once the animal is recovered and has undergone rehabilitation, we release the animals back into the wild as per the guidelines issued by the Karnataka Forest Department.

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City: Bangalore

State: Karnataka

Country: India

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