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Educate a child

Educate a child


Seva Samajam Children’s Home has a long history in the care and education of children in Chennai. A unit of the Guild of Service (one of the oldest social service organisations in India), it was established in the year 1950. The Home takes care of underprivileged boys and girls from challenging backgrounds: low-income families and/or households where they face abuse or neglect, rescued runaways or wards of the state. We focus on providing a safe and nurturing family environment with nutritious food, healthcare and education.

Our inhouse school - the Lady Nye School provides 100% free education to the children of the Home and children from the local community. The school focuses on providing a holistic learning experience for these children. We have a full fledged computer lab, library, smart class and robotics lab. It is a top priority for us to provide a quality academic education, while also providing a fun and creatively engaging environment for our students.

Apart from the regular school education, we provide:

» Robotics classes
» ELF program (English fluency programme for students from 1st to 9th std)
» Science and electronics club in association with Young Scientists team
» Computer science coaching
» Art and skill building programmes with the support of the American School
» Career counselling
» Yoga and meditation
» Dance and Music classes – both classical and western
» Life skills education

We charge no fees and provide a completely free education to the 200 students studying in the school. We also support the higher education of several of our students. The operations and expenses of the functioning of the school has always been supported by our donors and patrons.

Lady Nye School seeks support for the education costs of our students

Educate a student for a year (includes teachers cost, maintenance, infrastructure, etc., extracurricular classes, exam fees, classroom facilities)

High school student – Rs. 7, 500 per child for a year

The fund will be utilized for the education of the students only.

Needed Amount (Rs):
1.High school student – Rs. 7, 500 per child for a year * 72 students = Rs. 5,40,000


Lady Nye School

Established in 1923, Guild of Service is one of the oldest social service organisations in India. In the last 9 decades and more, the Guild has done yeomen service and built many institutions and contributed to the welfare and development of lakhs of economically weak children, women, differently abled and the elderly. The 22 Units and projects of the Guild help over 5000 beneficiaries annually, the indirect beneficiaries being many more.

The primary focus of the Guild of Service is education for all. It runs pre-schools, Higher Secondary schools, schools for special children, vocational training schools and Teachers Training schools. It also runs social welfare programmes for the elderly, residential homes for children, family counselling centres as well as family health centre and the leukemia project for children.

It spearheads and co-ordinates the progress and performances of over 22 units and projects in Chennai and 16 affiliates spread across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. The affiliates are independent entities, which share the vision and mission of the Guild of Service.

Over the last 95+ years, the various projects of the Guild have benefitted lakhs of children, women and differently abled from the economically backward sections of society by providing them suitable assistance to make them responsible and financially independent citizens. It gives us great joy to see our children who have gone on to become doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals.

Visit: www.guildofservice.com

City: Chennai

State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

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