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Help provide basic education materials for nearly 120 underprivileged children

Help provide basic education materials for nearly 120 underprivileged children


Over the last few years, it was reported that around 15,000 families living on the banks of the Coovum River and around 10,000 families living along the Adyar River Bank were relocated Perumbakkam, on account of post-flood rehabilitation measures.

Perumbakkam resettlement site has one Primary School and a High School within the settlement colony for entire 25,000 families. Many of the children are studying outside to Perumbakkam and have less access to quality of education and often struggle to sources of supportive school environment. We are sparked by high-profile cases involving children who commit violent crimes have escalated in Perumbakkam.

Therefore Turning Point Educational Trust is proposed to extend support for these children residing in urban slums through provision of non-formal remedial learning methods. With a shift in focus from schooling to learning, the centers serve as a critical interface between the child and the government school and provide support and quality learning opportunities to slum children who face the threat of dropping out.

Through this initiative Turning point would be able to provide learning material and School Bags/Stationery to 120 children, who are disadvantaged because of their poor socio-economic background.


Turning Point Educational Trust

Turning Point Educational Trust

Turning Point Educational Trust is a registered charitable organization that promotes the cause of education amongst underprivileged children. The people behind the organization have envisaged children to be the building blocks of the future and therefore have developed programs ranging from education, livelihood, and women empowerment.

We mainly work with resettlement slums in order to rehabilitate towards new life.

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