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Appeal for sustained support of essential provisions for mentally disabled children

Appeal for sustained support of essential provisions for mentally disabled children


Covid-19 pandemic has thrown normal life out of gear for most of us. Providing basic necessities has become difficult as prices of essential items keep fluctuating, mostly tending towards the upper limits, and our resources are stretched to maintain the basic care for the children.

We have reached out to our donor base, and though many have opened up their hearts and wallets, we are facing a difficult situation as the economy is taking its time to stabilize. There is a constant fear that the donations likely to be received may not be sufficient to sustain the care given to the children, and we may run into a deficit.

If we have a sustained source of income to take care of the children on a day to day basis, we are confident that we can tide over this crisis.

We thank you for travelling with us in this journey.

Breakup of Monthly Costs:
1. Provisions (Rice, Lentils, Oil, Gas and others) for 115 beneficiaries: Rs.80,500
2. Vegetable and Fruits for 115 beneficiaries: Rs.57,500
3. Milk for 115 beneficiaries: Rs.12,000

Funding Goal: Rs. 1,50,000


Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

Since 2002, Sri Arunodayam has been providing a safe and caring environment for abandoned mentally challenged children in Chennai, Tamilnadu.
These children have been found abandoned in hospitals, in crowded public places (railway and bus stations). At times, we’ve even found them in dustbins!
At our home they are welcomed, nurtured, fed, clothed, rehabilitated and cared for.
We try to give these children what they have lost – a home and a family!
There are currently 115 children at our home

Visit: www.sriarunodayam.org

City: Chennai

State: Tamilnadu

Country: India

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Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

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