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Fill our plates during COVID-19 Crisis

Fill our plates during COVID-19 Crisis


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Since 2015 our All the Children Home has been providing food, clothing and shelter to over 50 abandoned children. We also take care of the child's development with full attention and love and affection. We are also providing them with basic and quality education to help shape the future of young children.

In addition, as part of our service, we offer evening courses and personalized development training for rural poor students, benefiting more than 350 poor students.

‘All the Children’ is going through a very tough time now because a lot of our usual donors have backed out due to difficulties during COVID-19. We are having a very tough time even with daily food for the children. We understand that this year will be hard on a lot of people but we want to do our best to not let it affect the health and nutrition of our children. They have had a very tough life so far and we want them to be able to have atleast 3 healthy meals a day.

Through Crowdwave we are hoping that you will sponsor meals for our children.

Cost of food for 50 children:
Breakfast : Regular Meal for children Rs. 3500/- * 30 Days = 01,05,000/-
Mid Day Meal: Regular lunch for children Rs. 5,000/- *30 Days = Rs 1,50,000/-
Dinner : Regular menu for children Rs. 3500/- * 30 Days = 01,05,000/-

Sponsor Regular Breakfast for 1 day: Rs 3500
Sponsor Regular breakfast for 1 week : Rs 24,500
Sponsor Regular Lunch for 1 day: Rs 5000
Sponsor Regular lunch for 1 week: Rs 35,000
Sponsor Regular Dinner for 1 day: Rs 3500
Sponsor Regular Dinner for 1 week: Rs 35,000
Sponsor food for 1 day: Rs 12,000
Sponsor food for 1 month: Rs 3,60,000

Funding Goal: Rs: 3,60,000

We are doing various services with our minimum funds. We also know that there are still countless poor people in our field with our field managers and volunteers. However, we do not have enough funds to provide our services to all people. Therefore, our hope is that when you provide us with your charity, we will be able to expand our service and work with you to help people.


All the Children

All the Children

All the Children is a non-profit organization is in the field of service since 2015. Uplifting people and society, minimum 10,000+ lives per year with various campaign and event on Education, Empowerment, Health, and Food & Shelter. We spread our mission and vision through various projects, campaigns, and events with the help of donors and volunteers who supporting all over the years.

Let’s celebrate living by spreading joy and happiness.

Visit: www.atcorg.in | www.allthechildren.in

City: Chennai

State: Tamilnadu

Country: India

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