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Sponsor a childs education @ Rs 1000

Sponsor a childs education @ Rs 1000


The Shine Trust is committed to sponsoring education for 200 underprivileged children from disadvantaged backgrounds. They provide children with supplies that include school uniforms, bags, text books and other essentials that will enable them to continue their learning without any interruptions.

It costs Rs.1,000 to sponsor one child's education.

Total amount to sponsor 200 children: Rs.2,00,000.

Regular activities so far by the Shine Trust:


2) EDUCATION FOR POOR CHILDREN: Conducting Free tuition for the poor children in the various places consisiting of 5 centre.We have given education services and distributed study materials including of Uniform,Text books & Notes for more than 500 children so far from May , 2013.Many of the children has passed their education and moved for further higher education with good results of their victory and for their future.

3) AWARENES PROGRAMME : Since our area of the service is mostly based on the slum area people ,we have compelled to educate the diciplene ,family life style,and culture activities among them. And the most of the men and their sources of income is from unskilled labour ,they are hapituated in drug addicts,tobacco,smoking and drinking hapits.Hence our Shine Trust is recovering those kind of people those who are captured and addicted in the bad hapits like above.Awareness programme includes HIV/AIDS also.And bring the small children to have the Polio drops every year whenever the Government announces the scheme.

4) SPORTS ACADEMY: We are giving and entertaining the poor children in the slum areas to have the sports talent and make them involved in the various games.And bring them to the Nehru stadium,Central,Chennai to watch various sports competition to deveop their enthusiasim in the sports activities.

5) CARING OF DOWNDRODDEN PEOPLE: We support the Poor Women,Widow and Physically and economically downdrodden people by giving of self help training activities to them and make them support and lead their life individually.

6) FREE DRESS MATERIALS: WE approach the friends and relatives and garments shop owners to get the dress materials by concession rate and distribute to the various poor families

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