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Rescue: Rehab: Rehome

Rescue: Rehab: Rehome


Upaghna was registered in April'2017 as a Trust to work against exploitation of Animals and rescue, treat, rehab and re-home abused, abandoned, sick and injured pets, feeding and spay/neuter programs for community dogs and cats and ultimately provide shelter for the unwanted, un-adoptable, senior and terminally ill pets.

We as a trust have rescued, treated and re-homed over 300 pets so far and have sterilised over 100 street dogs in the last 3 years. However due to lack of funds, we are unable to help any pet animals which are being currently abandoned due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and hence seek funds for the ones who were rescued and currently admitted at Vet Clinics and paid boarding.

We have been using the services of Dr. Aravind of the ARK and Dr. Sujatha of Sri Krishna Vet Clinic.

Update as on 8th June, 2020:

With lockdowns being extended, pet animals are facing an unusual challenge. Most of them are being abandoned by their cruel owners. Currently the situation outside is much tougher than before as the lockdown has created a major impact on these poor animals. With the increase in number of pets being abandoned, we at Upaghna are flooded with calls for rescue in this lockdown period. Most of them are pedigree dogs who are left on the streets and are unable to fend for themselves. We are in need of more support to cater to these poor pooches, most of them with severe skin issues, malnourished and dehydrated due to lack of proper food and water. We have no other choice except to board them at our Vet clinic and paid boarders for long periods and only after their full recovery we can rehome them. Additionally we have rescued another 7 dogs in these last two weeks which includes hit and run cases of street dogs too. Kindly open your hearts and donate generously to help these voiceless souls in need. Every rupee counts. We need your support. Help us to help save more voiceless lives.

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