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Plastic waste warrior

Plastic waste warrior


We are all aware of the pollution of plastic waste and the ill effects on our lives. As we are already working and have expertise in plastic waste management education and creative way to repurpose plastic waste, we would like propose an educative plastic waste warrior project. The major goal is to create a movement aligned with “Swatch Bharat mission We will educate and mentor 20/15 children who will be later spread awareness to many more children as a change-maker. In this way, we can build a community movement which will be beneficial largely. Besides these, in Kannaginagar the juvenile crime rate is also alarming as well as the school drop-out rates. Our project will also help to engage children in a positive way , keeping them out of wrong doings. For meritorious children, Inklink will sponsor education fees as an encouragement to continue education. So the major goals are-
1.To encourage their school education to prevent them from falling into wrong doings.
2.To educate them about sustainability, recycling, repurposing plastic waste into creative things.
3.To help them for expressing their creative talents which will boost their self-confidence and will ban them to fall into wrong doing activities.

A brief about how we are going to spend our fund :

1.For sponsoring school education:
a.fees Rs. 3000/child, so 3000x20= 60,000 INR
b.stationery kits, copies/notebooks- Rs. 250/child= 250x20=5000
c.lunch allowance Rs.50/child ; so for 20 children for 54 days
50x20x54=54,000 INR

2.For educating about sustainability and recycling/repurposing plastic waste in a creative way:
a.Learning kit (comprises of various craft items)-500Rs./child So for 20 children = 500x20= 10,000 INR
b.Fees for 2 field coordinators for 60 days= 4000x2x2=20,000 INR
c.Data card charge for online classes/mentoring=500+500

Total: 60,000+5000+54,000+10,000+20,000+500+500= 1,55,000 INR

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