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Nutrition for Intellectually Challenged and Developmentally Disadvantaged Children

Nutrition for Intellectually Challenged and Developmentally Disadvantaged Children


Objectives of the Proposed Project:
• To Provide self-help skill development for special children from the economically weaker section of our society.
• To train them in vocational rehabilitation skills to become economically productive.
• Build confidence and coping skills.
• Involving parents and imparting skills to make them self-sustaining.

Project Activities:
• Day care facilities.
• Providing self-help skill training.
• Training on vocational rehabilitation skills
• Teaching extra curriculum
• Physiotherapy
• Free Nutrition
• Free Transportation
• Parents support group to gain knowledge and mutual benefit

Direct beneficiaries with approx. Number:
1. 56 Special Children (Mostly immobile)
2. 193 treated women residence who are mentally ill.

The beneficiaries would be 56 disabled children who are coming to our available facilities at present; the disabilities include autism, retardation, Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome etc.

The 193 destitute mentally challenged women who are the residents of our rescue shelter.
Indirect beneficiaries are the mothers of those special children who could avail small income generation programs by being part of other projects done by the organization at the project location.

Details of the project
Rehoboth is an abode for over 300 differently able, intellectually challenged and developmentally disadvantaged women and children salvaged from the streets.
As our Journey continued, we were burdened further by the number of intellectually challenged children leaving in and around our home at Paraniputhur, Chennai. These children had no special schools to go to in the vicinity of their homes nor their parents could afford the elite special schools run for such special children. An intellectually challenged child at home necessitates either the mother or the father to stay back at home thus reducing the financial earning capacity of the family. Loss of earning capacity was found to be one of the main causes for intellectually challenged children to be abandoned in the streets by the families.
To overcome the above disadvantages, a special school was started in our Paraniputhur rescue shelter premises to reach out to the special children from the economically weaker section of our society. This school at Paraniputhur reaches out to 56 students residing around 15 km radius around our rescue-shelter and running very successfully. To encourage and facilitate such children to attend this school we also provide free pickup and drop facility from their doorstep.
The school is attended by 56 children along with mothers with the anticipation that children can be mainstreamed into the community and society at large.
Our goal and objective of this project include,
To bring social and economic independence among rural disabled children by
• Providing self-help skills
• Training in vocational skills
• Building confidence and coping skills
• Formation of parent’s support group to gain knowledge and mutual benefit.

Independent living self-help skills are the skills that a person needs on a daily basis to live independently. They include self-help skills like eating, dressing, bathing, toileting and grooming.
Teaching independent living self-help skills is a process that begins at birth and goes on into adulthood. Children with disabilities find these skills difficult to perform for various different reasons. However, they will need to acquire these skills as best they can to live as independently as possible. Even if they cannot live independently, being independent in self-help will take a lot of burden off the caregivers. Thus, this is often the most important goal for a child with a disability. That is why it is so important to teach independent living skills for children with disabilities.

Vocational Rehabilitation Skills:
Rehabilitation is to help disabled individual to develop the emotional, social and intellectual skilled needed to live, learn and work in the community in the least of professional support
The primary purpose of the vocational rehabilitation program is prepare for employment, and obtain economical sustainability, vocational rehabilitation is a process which enables persons with functional, developmental, cognitive and emotional impairments or health disabilities to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other useful condition

The vocational rehabilitation curriculum would be;
• Assessment and appraisal
• Goal setting and intervention
• Training in skills that would suit their I.Q. levels like handicraft making, sewing, weaving, pottery etc.,
• Provision of health advice and promotion
• Physiotherapy
• Support of self-management of health condition
• Help coping to the medical and psychological impact of a disability
• Case management, referral, and service coordination
• Psychosocial intervention
• Career counseling

Outcome of the project
➢ This project would help provide the much-needed rehabilitation for the disabled from the poor sections which they cannot afford otherwise.
➢ This project would also protect and prevent abuse and exploitation of retarded children when found alone during the working hours of their guardians.
➢ Above all this project would act as reinforcement for families with challenged members and encourage them with their families and avoid abandoning/disowning them.

Sponsoring Nutrition for our students:
Pulses & Millet Porridge: 56 students * Rs 25 per student for 22 working days = Rs 30,800.
We are currently looking to raise food for appx 3 months = Rs 95,000

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