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No Shame. Period.

No Shame. Period.


Despite an increasing number of educational campaigns about mensuration, this topic is still considered a taboo in many areas across India. This makes it difficult to even conduct simple conversations about it, due to the stigma society has attached to it.

In India today, about 23 million girls drop out of school every year due to a lack of menstrual hygiene management facilities. This includes having easy and affordable access to sanitary hygiene products, awareness of menstruation and even access to clean & functioning toilets.

And at home, things are just as difficult. Girls who are menstruating aren’t allowed to do much, and at times, have to stay outside or in a different part of the house until they stop menstruating.

At Crowdwave, we want to try to turn things around by bringing a change to the way society views mensuration - and reverse the adverse effects this stigma has on society. Our long term goal to make sure a larger percentage of girls complete school and go on for a higher education.

Here’s how we plan to accomplish this:

  • Clear out taboos: Educate communities and children in schools about how periods are normal and “not dirty

  • Help increase supply of sanitary pads in remote areas where dropout rates are high.

  • Host skills workshop to make handmade sanitary pads in different communities.

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