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Every Life Matters

Every Life Matters


Kodaikanal Society for protection and care for animals (KSPCA) depends on donations for rescues, emergency cases, puppy care, Doctor Fees, Staff salaries ,various medical camps, rabies drive, medicines, educational awareness ,our ABC/ARV program for dogs/cats and the current Covid feeding program.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the global economy, local industries and livelihoods. Animals have also felt the repercussions of the virus as they too are left to starve like many unfortunate humans. ALL THEY NEED IS FOOD , WATER AND LOTS OF LOVE !!

KSPCA (Kodaikanal Society for Protection and Care for Animals) is working very hard with team of volunteers to raise funds during this pandemic to buy food supplies and cook for the street animals ,working equines, cattle , and a few privately owned captive elephants across Tamil Nadu.

Your donation will help in buying supplies for the animals - Bread , Rice , Milk , Eggs , Gas cylinder , Medicines , Green grass , fodder , Wet / Dry Dog food, Wet / Dry Cat food, For transport and in Making Masks for villagers in remote areas of the Hills.

Many owners in town and villages are finding it difficult to make ends meet.. at such times we are advising them not to abandon their pets and helping them by supplying food and medicines for their pets. KSPCA's daily budget is shooting up making food , transporting and looking after foster puppies.

We are very careful when feeding the street dogs... Our volunteers wear masks and gloves and they sanitize before and after feeding.


It is very important to support the Covid-19 Street Dog Feeding Programme because:

1) Kodaikanal, as a tourist town, will benefit from maintaining its current street dog population in reasonable health until normalcy returns. If the current dog population is lost or significantly reduced due to lack of intervention during Covid-19, then, when tourism resumes, a new population of dogs will move into the community from the outskirts. The invading dog population can be entirely new to the tourists and the local people and they may carry various diseases including rabies. They would require to be neutered and vaccinated in order to contain the dog population and spread of any zoonotic diseases. For the ongoing health and safety of this town’s citizens and its eventually returning tourists, we must put measures in place to ensure the survival and continuance of Kodaikanal’s current street dog population.

2) The individuals who have been carrying out this good work are, in the process, becoming familiar with, and befriending, the street dogs of Kodaikanal. They are thus in an excellent position to generate specific figures as to how many dogs still need neutering, male and female; through their work they are creating a situation where, when a neutering programme resumes, these dogs will be easy to catch and spay. If we are proactive now in supporting the feeding team, their current intervention can be an integral part of a longer-term programme to create a stable, healthy, neutered, (rabies) vaccinated street dog population in Kodaikanal – a population which will continue to keep out unhealthy, unfriendly and un-neutered dogs from the surrounding areas.

3) Without this feeding programme, Kodaikanal’s street dog population will starve. Not only will this constitute terrible suffering for the dogs, but starving street dogs may endanger this town’s citizens.

As a community, even in the midst of our own difficulties, we must address how to humanely and sustainably deal with the street dog situation in such a way that dogs will not suffer and citizens will remain safe, now and post-Covid.

Since we are unsure of when the pandemic is going to end - we are assuming for things to normalise atleast by December 2020! Until then the feeding program shall continue and KSPCA efforts to make Kodaikanal a rabies free town !

Total approximate budget per day for KSPCA feeding program Rs 2535 / day

A total of Rs. 76050 / month

Sponsor Rice for 1 day: Rs 500
Sponsor Food for 1 day to feed all dogs : Rs 2500

When some degree of normalcy returns, KSPCA can resume its plan for ’20-Dog ABC Camps’, whereby a vet will come to Kodai for a weekend – once monthly, more or less, depending on need – to spay/neuter and rabies vaccinate approximately 20 dogs per visit. With the knowledge that has been gained in the course of the Covid-19 Street Dog Feeding Programme, the Animal Birth Control camps will be able to very specifically target and accomplish their work. If we are proactive now, the current Covid-19 Street Dog Feeding Programme can be part of a larger plan which will result in the humane and healthy continuance of a controlled, vaccinated, neutered street dog population in Kodaikanal; it will also help ensure the safety of the town’s citizens and tourists now and post-Covid. Feed the voiceless !


Our vision is a compassionate environment and a rabies free Dindigul district….

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