10 Top Benefits Of Online Fundraising in India
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15 Jun 2022

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Benefits of online fundraising in India

1.Online fundraising is global

2.Collect Donor Details

3.Cost-Effective Manner of Raising Funds

4.Enhances Viability and Awareness

5. Set up Recurring Donations

6. Secures Personal Information

7.Paves easy way to reach the target funds

8. High yielding for various domains

9. Better data and reporting

10. Better than conventional fundraising

India is the place where numerous crowdfunding activities are carried out now and then. Given this, numerous causes have started to adopt online fundraising activities into their system and benefit from it. Go through this blog to know the benefits of online fundraising in India.

Benefits of online fundraising in India

1. Online fundraising is global fundraising

One of the greatest benefits of online fundraising is that it comes with the possibility of extended reach. The concept of time and distance gets nullified when it comes to online fundraising. Online fundraising platforms surpass the limitations of traditional fundraising, where geographical boundaries restrain the collection of higher funds. With online fundraising, payments are made online, and anyone across the globe can make payments from anywhere, anytime.

2. Easy donor data save up.

Online fundraising has an added advantage of data collection which otherwise can not be done in conventional ways of fundraising. Through online fundraising, people can collect donor details easily. While making a donation online, the donor has to feed in their information, after which they can proceed to make the donation. In this case, the donor data is saved up automatically during each donation campaign. This avoids the fundraiser's efforts to save up data every time. Data saving up is the greatest benefit of online fundraising.

3. A cost-effective way of raising funds

The greatest benefit of online fundraising is that they are extremely cost-effective. There is no trouble of having to move from one place to another to get funds. With an online fundraising campaign, a unique link can be created and shared. This is more than enough to garner donators and receive funds as per convenience. Since online fundraising campaigns are easy to set up and have little to no processing fee, the funds collected for the cause are also high.

4. Creates awareness of the cause 

Most often, causes that have great value do not get the attention they deserve. This can be the downside of traditional means of fundraising. Viability and awareness are two great benefits of online fundraising in India. Through online crowdfunding campaigns, the crowd funders can add the needed information about the cause to the campaign. This can be accessed by anyone who has access to the campaign link. Sharing the campaign across different platforms can aid in creating greater awareness for the cause, thereby yielding great funds as well.

5. Set up recurring Donations

The trouble with getting recurring donations is that people question the authenticity of the crowdfunding campaign. Especially regarding charities, even though there is the heart to give, there is also the logical mind that questions the credibility. In this case, online donations come as a boon, and these are the great benefits of online fundraising. An online fundraising campaign is fed with information about the cause, and the crowd funders' authenticity is validated as well. Thus people move on to make repeated donations with ease.

6. Secures Personal Information

With online crowdfunding, it is really an added advantage when it comes to data saving up. All the personal data of both the donators and the crowdfunders gets saved up in the data extension of the campaign link. All the data saved up will be kept safe and secure. This comes in handy for the crowdfunders to access the data of the donators, which comes in handy for future crowdfunding campaigns and activities.

7. Paves an easy way to reach the target funds

Crowdfunding campaigns, in general, have a target donation amount set. This is visible in the campaign link and can be accessed by the donators. As the donations start to come in, the donation bar indicates the funds reached and the funds yet to be collected. This will give an indication of the target funds, and the donators are prompted to donate. The donation bar also shows the number of people who have donated, and this forms credibility for the campaign. This is one of the greatest benefits of online fundraising in India.

8. High yielding for various domains

Online crowdfunding platforms are suitable for all types of crowdfunding activities. Crowdfunding is carried out for numerous causes like NGOs, charities, human rights, global initiatives, activism, business activities, and much more. Be it any cause, online crowdfunding platforms are the right way to obtain funds for any cause, and this is one of the benefits of online fundraising in India.

9. Secure donations

The donations made through the campaign link directly get credited into the crowd funder's account. Online crowdfunding is one of the safest and most secure ways of carrying out fundraising activities as they are very transparent. Since the process of donation and payment collection is transparent, there is literally no scope for fraudulent activities as each penny is kept in the account. Hence, the right donations go to the right cause, and the payment is extremely secure.

10. Better than conventional fundraising

Conventional fundraising comes with a lot of work. In conventional fundraising, there are hassles of travel, and it is time-consuming. In which the crowd funders have to explain the cause and need for the donation every time. Whereas with online fundraising, the crowd funders just have to create a campaign link and market it. It saves up the time spent on travel and also gives clear clarity on the cause of the crowdfunding campaign. One of the greatest benefits of online fundraising is that it is extremely convenient and better than conventional fundraising.

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