Rehoboth Public Charitable Trust

REHOBOTH was founded in 1998 as a Public Charitable Trust with a desire to rescue, rehabilitate and mainstream ‘women in distress’ and help them live life to its fullness with a sense of belonging. Rehoboth shelters only destitute women and most of our residents are picked up from the streets through the public or NGO’s working in other fields besides police.

Social stigma and poverty have driven many mentally challenged individuals out of their families into the streets. When abandoned, they not only become vulnerable to starvations and infections but also to abuse and exploitation. Women face even more physical harm than men on the streets.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY ARE NOT PICKED UP?? Danger of Abuse: sexual or physical or both resulting in
• Pregnancy.
• Drug addiction.
• Hunger.
• Loneliness.
• Death.

“To help the partially-able gain economic and social independence”

“Improving the quality of people with sub-average mental functioning through rehabilitation based on their specific physical and mental capabilities and thus mainstreaming them as productive counterparts into society”

- To run residential centres for the mentally disabled adult destitute.
- To initiate a crisis intervention centres to counsel and rehabilitate disabled women with their children.
- To initiate a community based rehabilitation centre for special children from poor families.
- To provide primary medical care in villages.
- To spread awareness on causes and caring for the mentally challenged.

1) REHABILITATION CENTRE: Located at Somangalam Village-40 kms away from Chennai. To provide long-term rehabilitation training such as agriculture, animal husbandry, piggery, poultry etc. For treated and not accepted by their families and communities. (75 inmates).

2) REHABILITATION WORK SHOP: Located at Paraniputhur, near Porur. To provide rehabilitation training such as flower making, candle making, tailoring, door hangings, other handicraft items.

3) DAY CARE CENTRE: Located at Paraniputhur, near Porur. To provide day care facility for the special children in and around this area from the economically backward families. And to provide small employment opportunities for their mothers. (40 students).

4) DAY CARE CENTRE: Located at Somangalam, near Mettur. To provide day care facility for the special children in and around this area from the economically backward families and to provide small employment opportunities for their mothers. (24 students).
Rehoboth –Home for mentally Challenged Destitute Women

5) ARISE: To provide shelter facilities for those mentally challenged destitute women along with their small children and the children are sent to the schools.

6) ASSAI ‘N’ PUDUMAI: A self-sustaining project for selling the used and usable household, electrical, electronic, furniture, dresses and other items donated by the donors and well-wishers

7) Health care center: free doctor consultation and subsidsed medicines are provided for the rural poor inspite of the our womens being benefited

8) REST : Rehoboth Endeavour for stigmatised and traumatised.

9) RESA: Rehboth eatery by specially abled

10) Pharmacy

11) SOCIAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS: We are conducting these campaigns at schools and colleges to make awareness in the forthcoming generation.

Visit: www.rehobothshelter.org

City: Chennai

State: Tamilnadu

Country: India


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