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The Pichwai Project
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The Pichwai Project - Gopashtami Leela 4 - Create your Couch
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At Create Your Couch, we encourage our patrons to choose slow design and mindful interiors, and to be conscious of their purchasing decisions. Our consortium of artisans, textile designers, weavers, hand block artisans, retail collaborations and brands create an unparalleled eco-system that support and uplift creative communities. Through this, we endeavour to harness the creativity of our heritage with entrepreneurial spirit, to combine the vivid hues of our indigenous traditions with the efficiency of business systems. In a recent venture we have started curating and promoting the Indian arts, and have donated a gorgeous collection of Pichwais to The Crowd Wave Trust.

The COVID-19 crisis brought us one of the most challenging times we have ever had to face. Countless people lost their loved ones, their livelihoods, their homes and even their sense of self. And as things seemed to be settling down, we now find ourselves in the midst of another wave that could potentially be more devastating than we ever thought. 

Much like last year, the most vulnerable are those from the underprivileged sections of our society. And they are looking at another cycle of potentially losing their jobs and so being unable to meet their day-to-day requirements. 

Now, more than ever, we need to come together to help mitigate this crisis and help supplement governmental efforts. So, when you buy one of our beautiful Pichwais donated by Create Your Couch, you are also making a donation towards this campaign. You will be directly helping these sections of our society and helping many people fight the COVID-19 crisis. 

Funds raised will be used for :

1. Supplying food rations to Families with zero or low income, Orphanages, Homeless Shelters and Homes for people with disabilities

2. Supporting families of Covid positive patients
4. Distribution of sanitizers, masks and other protective gear to frontline workers

3. Distribution of Medicine Kits ( Thermometer/ Medicines/ Vitamins/ Masks/ Gloves/ Sanitizers) for covid positive patients who cannot afford care. Distributions will be done outside government hospitals/ clinics/ Red cross Quarantine centres to those who are unable to get admission.
4. A 1000 Hot meals and water are distributed everyday outside 3 government hospitals in Chennai to patients, families, frontline workers and the homeless.
5. Supplying Oxygen concentrators/ cylinders
6. Health and mental wellbeing

All donations made to this campaign are eligible for tax exemption under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Please do support Create your Couch and The Crowdwave Trust in raising capital to meet these needs. A 100 percent of the proceeds of your purchase will go into Covid 19 relief work.

For Enquiries: Whatsapp 98455-29398.

About the Painting



Pichwai Art

Gopashtami’ is a festival that commemorates the day Lord Krishna was promoted to the rank of a cowherd from a young herder of calves. This pichwai showcases Shrinathji surrounded by a number of “Kamadhenu” cows - ardently here to seek the Lord. According to Hindu mythology and rituals, cows are sacred animals and worshipping them brings a human closer to his desires. Hence, on the festival of Gopashtami, one offers prayers to the cows by beautifully adorning them with saffron and turmeric.

Materials : Organic natural paints on 100 % organic cotton fabric

Size : 18” x 24”

Price : 36,000 INR

Please note the pichwai are sold without a frame to prevent damages in transit

Care Instructions:

Pichwais are best framed with regular or non-reflective glass. Artworks should be displayed away from direct sunlight and breeze. To clean - use a soft, dry brush or cloth very lightly on the glass surface or the frame. Ensure there is no moisture on the brush or cloth before cleaning the surface.

About Pichwai

Pichwai or ‘pichvai’ form of paintings are one of the spectacular and ancient forms of art that have their origin in India, the land of culture. Having their roots in Nathdwara Rajasthan, pichwai (pichvai) , the Indian traditional painting, is a stunning art form that has existed for over 400 years. The stunning art form is a 400-year-old art one which was created depicting the beautiful life of Lord Krishna. A Pichwai may be handpainted, printed using hand block techniques or woven using embroidery, dabka, or zardozi work. We handpick each Pichwai for its originality. We source our vintage pieces from the original pichvai artists between Udaipur & Jaipur. Some contemporary pieces are also sourced from local artists from the temple town of Nathdwara. A good Pichwai can take an artist up to nine months, or even a year, to complete. The older ones, are rarely available for sale and are the preserve of a select few. The Pichvai art form is being reimagined in contemporary forms and making waves in the established art circuits of the world.


A fundraiser towards Covid-19 Emergency Relief


Date: 18.05.2021 - 31.05.2021

The Pichwai Project - Gopashtami Leela 4 - Create your Couch

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