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Paint for a Cause
- By Amrita Visweswaran

Paint for a Cause - By Amrita Visweswaran


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Date: 04.02.2021 - 28.02.2021

Paint for a Cause - By Amrita Visweswaran
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An event with a twist! When you give back and donate to this cause, we will return the favor to you!

Rs. 200 – 1 Diary

The Initiative:
Amrita Visweswaran and MNC noticed that there were quite a few families with children - ages 2 years and below - in their early intervention groups were undergoing unusually difficult familial circumstances, exacerbated this year, with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Project Mooladhara was created to ensure that these children continue in the program and that they are provided the basic financial support needed, in terms of transportation and procurement of prescription medicines, and daily groceries.

What You Can Do:
• Donate as little as INR 200 to help these families in need and support this cause
• As a small token of our gratitude, once you make your donation, we will send you one of Amrita Visweswaran’s creations to bring you the joy you deserve!

Any donations to this initiative are welcome. These families deserve some help financially for a period of 1 year so that they can get help stabilizing and managing their circumstances. And you can help them!

About the Artists

Amrita Visweswaran

Amrita Visweswaran


Amrita Visweswaran, granddaughter of Mr. N Kumar is a talented artist who draws, paints, and designs calendars that depict nature, flowers, places of interest, and ones she has visited in its various hues. She also specializes in theme-based calendars and notebooks. These pieces are distributed to corporates and well wishers who, in turn, make donations to MNC.

Her contributions to MNC between 2014 to date have crossed over 10 lakhs! It is deeply touching to see her involvement in a social cause at such a tender age. MNC is immensely proud to be associated with her.

Every year, she also designs a calendar with a brand new theme. For the year 2020, she chose to empathize with the families of Children at MNC. So, with keeping their situations in mind, Amrita changed her approach and made books that were more cost-effective. She chose ‘Sunsets and Sunrises’ as her theme. This was to demonstrate the dawn of days with tremendous possibilities, and sunsets that represent the end of these days of uncertainty and anxiety that the pandemic has caused. And all-in-all, to illustrate that the next day will be better and we will be stronger and wiser to face it.

A student of sishya in class 11 she is also working for the first time with Crowdwave to create this special event for you.

MNC has been successful in financial sustainability thanks to support from Grants sanctioned by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Government of India, Corporates like Sanmar, Boeing ,TVS group and individual donors who are well wishers and empathetic towards our cause.


The Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children (MNC) provides Early Intervention Services for children (usually ages six years and below) with intellectual and associated conditions and disabilities.

Founded in 1989, The MNC aims to help parents seek guidance and counseling, for accessing an easy to follow, early intervention program for their children.

The MNC Story:
Indchem Research & Development Ltd, started By Mr N Kumar, Vice Chairman Sanmar Group initiated a research study along with Late V Krishnaswamy, (Retd AirVice Marshal of Indian Air force), Mrs. Jaya Krishnaswamy (Retd. Headmistress of Mount St Mary’s School Delhi) and Prof P Jeychandran (Developmental Psychologist) to develop a structured program on Early Intervention Program for children with Intellectual disability and associated conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Downs’ Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Developmental Delay.

After researching and consulting with various stakeholders over 2 years, a program was developed and named aptly as ‘Upanayan’, meaning to ‘lead along’.

This program was field tested for its suitability and workability and presented to the then Chairman Emeritus of Sanmar group, Mr. K S Narayanan, who also recommended starting a centre and thus was named in memory of his late wife Madhuram Narayanan.

Starting with 3 children, MNC has grown into a well established centre in the field of Early Intervention gaining credibility with both Central and State Governments and also field experts from around the world.

Bringing up a child with an intellectual disability requires a parent with invincible mettle. Upanayan - a totally parent-involved training program, uses this to empower parents as teachers of their children, and as their carry-over agents in their daily activities at home .

The Tamil Nadu Government. further adopted Upanayan program in all its Early Intervention Centers in all the Districts of Tamil Nadu. Towards an objective of updating knowledge and skills MNC conducted 6 International conferences and 16 National workshops, boosting further in making MNC as a model Centre. Supporting software Upaneeta was written and customized for documentation, assessment and evaluation of every child’s progress and data analysis.

As time passed by MNC had to move ahead from a person’s oriented centre into an Institutional organization towards which path, MNC took a very significant step in integrating with Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust - (BMKT) a child care centre with seven decades of service to children, effective April 1st 2018.

Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust (BMKT) inspired by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi was started in 1949 by late Sri K Kamaraj, and Smt. S Manjubhashini. Today it is a premier social welfare organization, with over 70 years sheltered children in difficult circumstances and those from socio-economically deprived backgrounds.

In 1995 MNC moved into the premises of BMKT and ever since has developed and nurtured a very healthy and symbiotic relationship. Both organizations are focused on child development in the early stages. While BMKT has specialized in early child care for children on a typical development trajectory, MNC is into early intervention for children with Intellectual disability and associated conditions. The integration will help in the optimal use of resources such as infrastructure, expertise, research with funds of both organizations will result in better quality services to a wider cross section of children, cross fertilization of institutional practices and ideas towards a sustainable future, Collaborative research and process evaluations for creating an inclusive environment to benefit all children. MNC while retaining its name and identity functions as a separate unit under the overall umbrella of BMKT.

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