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Fighting the War against Malnutrition

Fighting the War against Malnutrition


As we come together with our friends and families to celebrate this festive season, buy new things and celebrate, let's also keep our community in mind.

We want to bring everyone together to extend our generosity and feelings of celebration to those who do not have the means to do it for themselves.

We can't forget that the effects of the pandemic are ongoing. Out of 116 countries, India ranks at 101 on The Global Hunger Index Report, 2021 - placing our country in the 'alarming' category.

And what is even more disturbing is that child nutrition in the country dropped by an astonishing 18.5% compared to 2020-21!

Due to the pandemic, schools closed down and are now slowly beginning to reopen. However, children from the underprivileged sections of society still do not have access to the mid-day meals they used to receive at school.

These meals provided the children with nutritious foods like eggs, milk, lentils, vegetables, etc.

And this lack of nutrition extends into their homes. With their parents losing their jobs and their incomes, there is little money to go around to provide adequate nutrition to the whole family.

So, to combat this and help these families out, we've launched #lightofhope - a campaign aimed at helping to provide healthy, nutritious food to children.

You can donate any amount of your choosing. No sum is too little or too great.

And if you would like to contribute differently, like sponsoring families etc., please contact us so that we can help find the best way to do so!



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